Sunday, September 28, 2014

the hirsute of happiness

I recently started reading Practical Ethics by Peter Singer, and it has made me think about how I would defend some of my decisions. For example, can I defend choosing to eat meat?  And yet nothing I've yet read prepared me for the dilemma with which I am now confronted.

Upon finding the dark hair on my chin (edit: it was only one hair, but you tell that it had ringleader qualities), two choices were immediately apparent.  One involved plucking it to preserve my culturally appropriate sense of femininity. (Admittedly, a more pressing threat to my femininity comes from the MS attack, which has left me with the kind of gait you'd expect of a man with balls the size of watermelons.  Fear not, however, for the recent course of IV steroids should shrink my testicles back to their normal size, if not smaller.) The other choice involved purchasing a bottle of beard oil and truly embracing the hipster aesthetic so pervasive around our neck of the woods.

I told you this was a real humdinger.  And I don't yet have an answer.  Would you excuse me a minute while I ponder the problem over a glass of organic pear cider?  Thanks, I knew you'd be accommodating.

52 minutes later....

Woooooo! Youse are the best.  And can I just say that I've had an epipanny?  Hang on, let me try that again - an epiphany.  There, did it!

Between you, me and PRISM, James has an aversion to wearing showy clothes.  By his definition, this includes tshirts with any writing or any graphic design. Hell, he's even refused to wear a tshirt with a v-neck collar. For the purposes of exaggeration, I'm going to diagnose him with a phobia and, as loving partner, I'm going to help him overcome it with some sneaky exposure therapy.

I'll start by using my superfluous hair to do some fancy stitching around the hems on the back of some tshirts.  Then, assuming he hasn't had a hysterical reaction, I'll move onto bigger things.  What I've got in mind is to take his favourite, black tshirt (round collar, standard cut), and I'm going to embroider a 3D kale motif on the front. I think we can guarantee one thing: I'm going to blow his mind.


  1. get in touch if you want to discuss this further, perhaps over a mock sword fight. could also share our own true-life magic bullet story, but i'm afraid it's a short one.

  2. swell. Once I'm more mobile, let's terrorise GOMA again. :)