Saturday, November 15, 2014

hot Sunday news

In light of the fact that at least one person's reading this (and a heartfelt thanks to you, Cardinal Pell), I thought I might as well keep putting the bog in blog.  

So, let's start with an update on my MS.  I've still got some symptoms from the attack, but they're gradually lessening.  It's not all bad news, though, because I'll be able to whip out (metaphorically speaking) my gammy leg as an excuse to explain why I can't do something.  Been asked to attend a women's only baby shower? Forget about it!  I've got a gammy leg!  Been asked to desist from sending threatening letters to the PM? No can do!  It's my gammy leg that's been writing them.

To help prevent further attacks, I've been prescribed an aggressive drug called Tysabri.  It works by preventing the naughty immune cells from crossing the endothelium, and it comes with a very low probability of a fatal brain disease.  Given that the initial attack got me 3 weeks off work, you can probably guess what I'm thinking of developing.

Now, let's discuss the more interesting topic of the G20, which is being held in Brisbane this weekend.  For starters, has the government considered trying to recoup some expenses by offering sight-seeing trips in the ever-present helicopters? Or what about something for the latte-sippers like me?  Perhaps the opportunity to dress up like Uncle Sam and get your photo taken with the Grim Reaper.  These are just some of the ideas I sent to the offices of Campbell Newman. And yet time after time they were returned to me marked "not known at this address - return to sender", which is bullshit because he'd compulsively marked them with his royal seal.  (It's made of red wax and looks very much like an arsehole.) The only time they listened to me was when I saw some banners being prepared and I commented that it would be easier to read if they wrote"G20" instead of "GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG".  

I was thrilled that the UQ's maths department was commissioned to organised the excursion for the spouses of world leaders. And based on these photos, I think every meeting like this should have koalas.  Hand on my heart, those are some of the most genuine smiles I've seen from a photo opportunity.  A big jacket might keep out the cold, but only a koala can warm the cockles of your heart.